What is an online poll?

YouPoll users create online polls. This guide explains what an online poll is, how it works and the benefits and limitations of using one.

Types of polls

This guide details the types of polls (basic, approval, range, ranked, probability and rating) you can create on YouPoll.

How to create a poll

This guide walks you through the poll creation form and all the settings available.

Benefits of an account

A YouPoll account organizes your polls and provides access to extra features. This guide explains the benefits of creating an account.

How to create a list

Users with a YouPoll account can create lists. This guide explains what a list is and walks you through the list creation form.

Data Analysis

YouPoll provides ways to analyze poll and list data. This guide details the data analysis features (data visualization with charts, data comparison of list items and list filtering) available.

Frequently asked questions

This is a collection of other frequently asked questions.

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