What is an online poll?

An online poll is a voting system where participants cast votes over the internet. The poll creator shares a link to the poll with participants. Participants select an answer for each question and cast a vote. The poll creator then reviews the results. Websites, social media, and many other groups use online polls as an easy way to get feedback.


Online polls are convenient and can deliver results fast. Participants do not need to travel to a polling location or wait in line to cast a vote. All they need is an internet connection. Also, the poll creator spends no time counting votes.


Online polls cannot guarantee legitimate results. Most online polls use a participant's IP address to determine if a vote has been cast. A single participant could cast many votes if the IP address changes. This highlights the main limitation of online polls. YouPoll has settings that reduce duplicate voting. This includes Google reCAPTCHA and Reddit authentication. Read the how to create a poll guide to learn more about these settings.

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