How to create a poll

Sign in (optional)

A YouPoll account is not required to create a poll. However, signing in to your account first will save the poll to your user page. There are other benefits to creating an account. Read the benefits of an account guide to learn more.

Add questions

A poll has 1 question and a survey has multiple questions. You can create polls and surveys on YouPoll. Currently, you can have up to 30 questions per survey. To add a question, click the green plus button. To remove a question, click the red minus button.

Select poll type

For each question select a poll type by clicking the Basic Poll or Rating Poll tab. Read the types of polls guide for more information on which poll to use. The next step is to complete each poll form.

Basic form

The basic poll form has a question field and option fields. You must complete the question field and at least 2 option fields to create a valid basic poll. Currently, you can have up to 300 options for each basic poll. The basic poll form also has a drop-down field to select the type of voting you want to use. The following voting types are available:

Basic form

Basic form

Rating form

The rating poll form has a question field, minimum value field and maximum value field. You must complete every field to create a valid rating poll. The minimum value field and maximum value field accept numbers between -150 and 150.

Rating form

Rating form

Select poll settings

Voting limits:



Click the "CREATE POLL" button when you have completed all the necessary fields. This will submit the form and redirect you to the new poll.

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