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Here are just some of our ideas for upcoming content on the Shoddycast! Rank this content from MOST WANT to LEAST WANT, and that will help us prioritize our creative energies!

Order the options from first to last...
Lore Videos - a more in-depth look at abstract lore topics we haven't covered yet (by Josh)
Industry Videos - interviews with our favorite BIG NAME game developers (by Charles)
Video Essays - more critical analysis of past and future Role-playing games (by Josh)
Quest Mods - regularly adding more story driven quests to Fallout 4 (by the Storyteller team)
Lore Mod - adding a fully voiced 'Lore Codex' to the Pip-boy that catalogs the wasteland as you explore it in Fallout 4 (by the Storyteller team)
Twitch - let's play livestreams (by Jason aka Storyteller)
Asked on Aug 24, 2017
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